Dymaxion Map


A remarkable cartographic puzzle, more difficult than you think!

Self-assembling kit. No glue needed!

Invented in 1954 by Richard Buckminster Fuller, the Dymaxion Map (dynamic maximum tension) is a cartographic projection of the Earth on a polyhedron.
Fuller's projection has many advantages:

- Less deformation of the continents (than the Mercator projection for example).
- No sense of reading ... neither North nor South ... therefore no cultural bias.
- Clear representation of the terrestrial ridge in a single ocean.

This card is a simplified version of Fuller's work, adapted for the game.
Composed of 20 repositionable equilateral triangles, it has 43,380 plane solutions (!) plus a volume solution (on an icosahedron).

Hours of reflection in perspective, to see the world from a different angle!

Each piece of the puzzle is magnetized, and 3D support is included!

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