Dymaxion Map


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A remarkable cartographic puzzle, more difficult than you think!

Self-assembling kit. No glue needed!

The Dymaxion map is a projection of a world map onto the surface of an icosahedron invented by Richard Buckminster Fuller in 1954.
Fuller projection has many advantages:

– No visible distortion of the land masses.(comparing to Mercator projection for example).
– There is no predefined direction of North and South. Read it as you wish.
– It is the only flat map of the entire surface of the Earth which reveals our planet as one island in one ocean.

Cette carte est une version simplifiée des travaux de Fuller, adaptée pour le jeu.
Composée de 20 triangles équilatéraux repositionables, elle compte 43380 solutions planes (!) plus une solution en volume (sur un icosaèdre).

Spend few hours of reflection to see the world from another angle!

Each piece of the puzzle is magnetic, and 3D support is included!

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